2021……What a Year!

Hello Folks, well here we are. We survived 2021!

It was indeed a challenge at times. I surely know I had my share of challenges to attend to… I am sure you all did as well.

As far as Music is concerned, a very quiet year…too quiet. We had a lot of time available for organizing, creating songs, polishing guitars……. some times it just made me want to SCREAM!

oh… and I did a little side gig in 2021 called #“The Voice of Germany”… started back in December of 2020 while watching TV, an advertisement appeared for TVOG…. I thought hmmm …might be fun! Nothing else going on, …. gigs being cancelled, couldn’t even get together with my friends to rehearse, life was void of all social, artistic, pretty much all we know as normal human stimulation / interaction …. But you know all that, you were there!

It was a wonderful, once in a life time experience, working with fantastic professionals, TVOG team, the Voice coaches, #Naomivandooren, #catt that showed me how to take care of my voice, ….they showed me that just by smoking a cigar and drinking a Bourbon before going on stage won’t cut it…. and of course, the great bunch of young singers that made me feel like I was 28 again…. I made it up to the Quarter final, when it was all over for me, I was sad and it felt empty. …. But then after a couple days, contacts with fellow musicians, friends, words of congratulations for having achieved so much, I was motivated again and began setting up rehearsal and performance schedules, made the necessary contacts for my new #”The fabulous Robert Cotton Band” CD,…….. I am back in the game!

Thanks The Voice of Germany…….for this Fantastic Journey it was!

Robert Cotton; Sarah Connor; Copyright: ProSiebenSAT.1/Christoph Assmann;

I am looking forward to a FABULOUS 2022 filled with Life.…… great music, great friends, great memories!

Never Stop!”

“The past is a memory …. make your memories unforgettable!”

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