Robert Cotton with Mucho Mojo at Hammerschmied Hasloch!

It was 13 & 14 October  2017, in a little town in Germany by the name of Hasloch in the Spessart Mountains. Something special was happening in the village this weekend that was …..most unusual. The small village was getting visitors. Some from around the world some from just across town. The old timers were not exactly thrilled about the sudden interest in their little village.

But no matter ……………….the Blues is in town!

                                                                        Eisen Hammer was the location. An old forge company still with the original forge from the 1700’s. Turns out that the owner (still owned by the same family) is a passionate Blues lover and wanted to do some thing special for some of his customers and for his town. We were the chosen ones….a weekend filled with Jumpin Blues!  What a great venue! What a great weekend for the Blues! With a 300 year old Forge as the back drop, Full of history, the spirits of the 100’s of those that spent their lives here, with the work they loved. We were honored to perform in this magical place………

Thank you  Blues Lovers in and around Hasloch, thank you Herr Rainer Kurtz for keeping the Blues alive.


Love All……….

                                         …………Love the Blues more.


until next time…    Robert Cotton

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