Robert Cotton live at Macondo Artcafe & Vineria

4 October 2013

Check the pictures…!

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Welcome to the Fabulous Robert Cotton Band

imageSelect your destination from the menu above. Tour Dates, MP3’s, Videos, Pictures, it’s all there. Whenever you need real American Blues, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Robert Cotton !

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“Guitar Meister” Greg Koch in Frankfurt

“Guitar God, Telecaster Master, and all around good guy” … Greg Koch  is on tour in Europe at the moment. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with him and his band at the newmusic .academy in Frankfurt offenbach. Amazing Musicians and a great bunch of guys. It was refreshing to be reminded of the relaxed and friendly American way of doing things …

imageHe is simply amazing! In the course of the 1 1/2 hour seminar he went through guitar techniques, equipment discussion, band organization all with the standard Greg Koch humor. Greg talked about, and demonstrated some really interesting and some bizzar guitar techniques. His knowledge and ability to present popular guitar players techniques as though the artist was there with us in the room is just… “inhuman.” Thanks Greg, keep giving us that great Koch guitar! We’re all watching and learning.

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“I play my Blues for you.”


The Occasion?

40th Birthday Celebration of the “United Democratic Jurists”.

They came to Frankfurt Literature House from around Deutschland to celebrate and Honor the spirit of their union.

Although, it was not only party, party, party for the Juristen. After a full day of meetings and discussion, the guests were eager to kick back, enjoy some delicious food, Fine wine and house rocking Blues.

Our host Manfred invited The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band to partake in the cuisine prepared and offered by the staff at Literature House.  I can say that I  fully enjoyed my share of  all the “tasty Treats ” offered……. OK, perhaps more than my share.

Then it was “Time to Play the Blues!”   2 Hours of Jumpin, House Rocking Blues delivered by The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band ….the only way we know how….”Full Temperature!” and  “Cooked to Perfection!”   Following the 2 hour course of  “Blues a la  “The Fabulous Robert Cotton band”, we invited a couple of the Jusristen who enjoy chopping the Axe to come on stage to play guitar and sing with the band.  The audience was astonished to learn that their colleagues, people they have known for years, had such passion and talent beyond the scope of “Juristen”. It was wonderful to watch the expressions and positive reactions from the audience as their colleagues “showed their stuff”.

In conclusion, it was a wonderful night of Live Blues. We enjoyed meeting and talking to you all and look forward to playing our Blues for and with you again soon.

If you would like to view some additional pictures from the party, just go to Pictures and click on “Juristen Party.”   There you can also down load pictures you would like to have for yourself.

Thanks Manfred, thanks Verreinigung demokratischer Juristen!

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Frankfurt garden BBQ 2012

A beautiful day, lots of fantastic food, drink till you drop, and…….The fabulous Robert Cotton Band providing the entertainment.
Hey!! if you werent there you missed a great party. Thats all I can say!

imagePhil, thanks for inviting us to your celebration. The Band Michael Groebert – Lead Guitar, Martin van der Velde – Bass, Jay Jackson – Drums, and my lone some self on Vocals, guitar and Harmonica,  had a great time with all the guests and enjoyed all the days offerings……
We could not have asked for better weather. The party Gods were with us with out a doubt!
Your guests made us feel right at home. The love that everyone showed us was appreciated and motivating.
Look forward to performing for you again in the future. Thanks Phil and all at “Frankfurt Garden BBQ 2012”.

For more pictures of this wonerful celebration click on the Picture archive, “Frankfurt Garden BBQ 2012”.

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7 July 2012 BB King and Kenny Wayne Shepard in Frankfurt

It was a wonderful night for a meeting of Chicago traditional style and Blues Rock contemporary sounds.
Kenny Wayne Shepherd opened the show with his band which included a surprise for all the “REAL” Blues lovers in attendance. Steve Ray Vaughan’s drummer “CHRIS LAYTON” was in the house. AWESOME!!

Kenny and Band were Magnificent! The guitar was like an extension of his body. Great vocals, crying guitar, and to close it up Chris Layton on drums……. What more needs to be said.

kenny_wayne_shephard__bb_king_june_2012_057__crop_2_copy1Second half of the show belonged to BB King. The team change was noticed by all, in that the energy and enthusiasm level dropped about two notches……. sorry BB.

B, it may be time to find a nice place to relax the rest of your life and enjoy the fruits of your life long work. All due respect as I am one of your biggest fans. But, we’re starting to feel sorry for you up there Man! We can’t even follow what the hell your talking about!!…. your stories don’t make sense any more. The Music is sounding……… well just OK, and that’s due to your band which is also getting pretty damn tired sounding. Through the course of the night, you would have been in trouble a few times if not for the band carrying you. Don’t think we don’t notice,”Because we do notice.”
I felt I got my moneys worth only because of the wonderful surprise of Kenny Wayne Shepard as opening act and extra bonus surprise of Chris Layton on drums.
Sorry BB, I love you, but I want to remember you as a Blues pioneer, forging the path for the next generations which you did as a gentleman and a diplomat. I hope your powers to be respect you as we all do and let you enjoy the rest of your life as you have well deserved.

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“Slow Blues” Nagoya Japan

had the pleasure of playing some Blues with some Soulful Musicians at “Slow Blues” In Nagoya Japan last week.  Met a lot of wonderful people. Some could not spaeak English, unfortunately I could not speak Japaneez, other than a couple couticies, but when we picked up our instruments together we all spoke the same language. Blues. What a wonderful world it could be if we could all communicate with one another through our Music.
Thanks Chubby san, and every one else at “Slow Blues” for some great memorize.











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Rest in Peace Louisiana Red

I am saddened to tell you that a Blues legend and old friend Louisiana Red passed away on Saturday. I had the Honor of playing my Blues with Louisiana during my time in the Phoenix Arizona Blues scene.








I can tell you that Louisiana was not only a powerful down home blues artist but a man of passion and honesty. I was fortunate to speak and reminisce with Louisiana in December 2011 during a performance in Frankfurt where he once again displayed his mastery of Voice, Guitar telling his story of life.  See you there Louisiana Red.

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Shining, Like a National Guitar…









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Ladies and Gentleman “IT’s BLUES TIME”

Sunday 01 January 2012 at 1:38 pm

Liebe Musikfreundinnen, liebe Musikfreunde,

Es ist geschafft, die besinnlichen Weihnachtsfeiertage liegen hinter uns, der Jahre 2012 steht vor der Tür und die Vorbereitungen für das Darmstädter BluesFest 2012 sind so gut wie abgeschlossen.


In knapp eine Woche heißt es: “Ladys and Gentlemen – it’s Bluestime”! Wie in jedem Jahr haben wir uns wieder bös’ ins Zeug gelegt, um unserem treuen aber auch anspruchsvollen Publikum, also Euch ;-) ,  eine weitere stimmungsvolle Bluesnacht bieten zu können. So führte uns die Suche nach einem würdigen Blues-Act für das BluesFest 2012 geradewegs ins Mekka des Blues, nach Chicago/USA.

Neben NUTHIN’ BUT… spielt am 07.01.12 Mr. Robert Cotton aus Chicago/Illinois für Euch, der mit “The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band” die Kulthalle der Knabenschule in ein Roadhouse verwandeln wird.

Wir freuen uns auf Dich!

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