Rest in Peace Louisiana Red

I am saddened to tell you that a Blues legend and old friend Louisiana Red passed away on Saturday. I had the Honor of playing my Blues with Louisiana during my time in the Phoenix Arizona Blues scene.








I can tell you that Louisiana was not only a powerful down home blues artist but a man of passion and honesty. I was fortunate to speak and reminisce with Louisiana in December 2011 during a performance in Frankfurt where he once again displayed his mastery of Voice, Guitar telling his story of life.  See you there Louisiana Red.

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Shining, Like a National Guitar…









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Ladies and Gentleman “IT’s BLUES TIME”

Sunday 01 January 2012 at 1:38 pm

Liebe Musikfreundinnen, liebe Musikfreunde,

Es ist geschafft, die besinnlichen Weihnachtsfeiertage liegen hinter uns, der Jahre 2012 steht vor der Tür und die Vorbereitungen für das Darmstädter BluesFest 2012 sind so gut wie abgeschlossen.


In knapp eine Woche heißt es: “Ladys and Gentlemen – it’s Bluestime”! Wie in jedem Jahr haben wir uns wieder bös’ ins Zeug gelegt, um unserem treuen aber auch anspruchsvollen Publikum, also Euch ;-) ,  eine weitere stimmungsvolle Bluesnacht bieten zu können. So führte uns die Suche nach einem würdigen Blues-Act für das BluesFest 2012 geradewegs ins Mekka des Blues, nach Chicago/USA.

Neben NUTHIN’ BUT… spielt am 07.01.12 Mr. Robert Cotton aus Chicago/Illinois für Euch, der mit “The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band” die Kulthalle der Knabenschule in ein Roadhouse verwandeln wird.

Wir freuen uns auf Dich!

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The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band bei Hessen Rockt 2011!!

Hey Blues Lovers, “The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band” wurde bei “Hessen rockt 2011” competition von der Jury der Frankfurter Rundschau ausgewählt! Die nächste Hürde ist das “Telefonvoting”. Wenn wir darin bestehen ist unser Teilnahme auf der Bühne sicher, aber wir konnen es nur schaffen mit Eure Hilfe. Bitte bis 5 December anruffen.
Hier ist die TelNr. die es anzurufen gilt. Der Anruf kostet 25Cent. Bitte anzurufen fur eure lieblings Blues Band in Hessen “The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band”. Hier ist unsere Hessen Rockt HP: und das ist die Nummer fürs Telefonvoting: 01376 /05 01 01   031 (25C/Min) (Die 031 steht für “The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band”).

Thanks all you Blues Addicts



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Chahbah Mehlsack

imageHey Y’all!
Hope you were able to be there with us for the two shows down in Kandern at ChaBah and Emmendingen at the Mehlsack. It was another great night of Blues and other tasty treats with my posse of Blues slingers, Micha, Oli and Zoltan.
We all piled into Zoltan’s “Fever” bus and headed south direction Swiss boarder for the weekend. Zoltan by the way is my drummer and as I like to call him the “diplomat” of the group. It was about a 3 hour drive from our neck of the woods to Emmendingen. When we arrived at Mehlsack everything was just as planned. We were met at the door, provided a nice cold brew and introduced to our sound man/club manager. Mehlsack is located in the cellar of an old Mill. Really cool atmosphere and great sound for live Music.  Upstairs you’ll find the sports bar, restaurant and various other rooms and hidden corners to just hang out and relax. Equipment was dragged in, set up, sound checked and rechecked. Finally finished with the “business” side of things we headed for the boarder. Wanted to check if people on the other side looked like we did or if they had a third eye or something.  I can confirm that all is well at the German Swiss border. The natives welcomed us with friendly open arms.
Anyway, after our little “adventure”, it was time to get back to reality. After all, “There’s a show to be done”!                                                                                                                                                                          We pulled up to Mehlsack about 30 minutes before show time and “prepared” ourselves for a “great night of Real American Blues”. A nice crowd of local Blues lovers anxiously awaited “The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band “. We didn’t let them down. We kicked off the set with “Rock This House” and just kept the house a rock’n till one o’clock in the morning.                                                                                                                                                            Everyone, the local Blues lovers, the good folks at Mehlsack and everyone else we happened to encounter over the course of our stay in this part of Germany made for a fantastic weekend filled with great Music, new friends and wonderful memorize. I sure hope you were there too. Too bad if you missed it.

Until next time all our friends in Blues Land.

Robert Cotton   
“The Fabulous Robert Cotton band”

………the Blues is in me,  and it’s got to come out!


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Blues Lovers at Kulturcafe IBBH

Sunday 30 May 2010 at 11:12 am

Hey my Blues Brothers and Sisters!
On 28 May in Oberursel, just outside of Frankfurt Germany, the good people from International Bund Behinderte Hilfe hired me to perform a Solo Blues evening at their new Kulturcafe IBBH. There were some real Blues lovers there for the show. I enjoyed talking to all of you about  Blues Music, Guitars, even some politics. Its always a pleasure for me to meet people that enjoy the Blues. If I was able to bring a smile to your face,  helped to recall some pleasant memories of the past or inspired you to get that old guitar out of the closet and play that  song that you loved in college, then I did my job well.


Let me tell you a little about Kulturcafe IBBH. Its a comfortable little cafe with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The Kulture cafe is directly associated with the Behinderte Heim and all profits  of the Cafe  go directly to the Home.  So no matter if your thinking about comeing out to Kulturecafe IBBH and want to enjoy the  next Robert Cotton performance of Jump’n Blues or if you choose to come in for one of the other varieties of Musical entertainment, please do so and support this wonderful cause. You will meet lots impressive people doing  wonderful things for those less fortunate than our selves. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable order a nice cold beer, or a glass of wine, hungry? They have warm meals as well. Relax and enjoy the music….

Hey take a look at the pictures archive and click on Kulturecafe IBBH. You might see your pretty face…..along with my own…..


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Musik Messa Frankfurt 2010

Hey Blues Friends, I’ve got to say a few words about a great Gig we had in March. The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band was invited to perform at a booth party at the Musik Messa Frankfurt, the largest Musik Messa in Eurpoe I might add, sponsored by Meyer Sound and Sennheiser. All the required gadgets and technical “stuff” was provided by the sponsors . I wish all our gigs were organized like this. All we had to do was show up eith our usual fun and  entertainment, plug in guitars and deliver some kick’n blues!   ……Piece of cake….


It was great fun and we had a good gig. First time with our new keyboardist Dirk. The sponsors provided food as well as Drink. I had my share of that Great German Beer.
Working with the professionals of Meyer sound was a dream. The guys set up the PA, all needed microphones and monitors including drum mics, mixers,  even provided a sound engineer. I even had a guy making sure I had a full bottle of great German beer to cool my burning vocal chords during the entire show. “Now thats what I call service”. Sennheiser provided all necessary mics cables, stands etc. Just another wondefrul evening with my gang of desperatos….

…..the Bright lights of the Messa ….I feel like I’m in Hollywood……

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22 January 2010, Darmstadt

Rock This house” That’s the Fabulous Robert Cotton Band mission…. And let me tell you, this is what we do best.  House of Blues darmstadt……nice spot to meet your friends for a beer and some good music. If you were there, you will be part of the live recording that was made by our friend Gunter, the man behind the great sound at The house of blues. I arranged in advance with Gunter that we do some recording in order to come up with a couple tracks for our CD that we hope to release by the end of the year. There were mics every where. Gunter had everything tagged for sound and optimum ambiance. Had a nice croud for the evening……could have been better.  Had a good time in any case and The audience was with the entire night. Got called back twice to  an chore so I think everyone was pretty happy.  We had a good friend with us on keyboards for the night.

Philly Long from Frankfurt did a great job. Always a good time when Phil is tapping those keys for us.  Gunter is mixing, slicing and dicing the tracks as we speak so I’ll let you know as soon as he is done with his magic and the finished product is available.
Until then, take care blooz friends.

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Darmstadt Blues week

Hello Friends,

Just a little note on a resent “The Fabulous Robert Cotton band” performance.
We were invited to perform in Darmstadt Germany on 24 November for the “Darmstadt Blues Week” The club that we had the pleasure of entertaining at is “Der RABE” (The Raven). Der Rabe is a very nice little Music club that usually lays down some nice classic rock sounds with their house DJ. But for the Darmstadt Blues Week, we were hired to “get that house jump’n”. And that’s just what we did. I brought my usual posy: Berni “The Burn Man” on Bass guitar and Sascha on Drums. As a special treat for the local Blues Fans, I invited my friend Philly Long to dance a little on the Keyboard. We were scheduled to start at 21:00. The house was packed and ready to Jump by 20:30. Another long time friend of mine Michael Sharkt was also on hand. Michael is the Darmstadt Blues watch dog. He keeps the Blues alive locally with news letters and a Radio program that he Hosts once a week. ……..the Blues is definitely in him….. Michael opened the Blues week and introduced us to the local Blues Fans. We started the session with some traditional warm up music courtesy, “Green Onions / You got to Help me”. Added some Shuffle, a pinch of Swing, squeeze of Blues Rock, jigger of R&B and the crowd was ours. imageWe were scheduled to perform for two hours but as they say, the customer is always right, so we played an additional set to the pleasure of the residents in the Upstairs apartments…….When the 3rd set was closing out the crowd began to demand an encore. I sent an eye over to the boss at Der Rabe, Fino, looking for an OK to continue. He signaled “One more song” That’s It!. The audience responded with applause and cheers when we got back on stage and picked up our instruments. We finished up the night with a long version of the Muddy Waters classic “I Just Want to Make Love To you”.

It was a great night of Blues for all the Blues fans in Darmstadt as well as a pleasure for the Fabulous Robert Cotton band to bring our Music to Darmstadt.

Thanks Michael, Fino…….. Darmstadt Blues Lovers!
See Y’all next time around.

Robert Cotton & The Fabulous Robert Cotton band

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His Majesty

Last night, we in the Frankfurt area were honored by an appearance of His Majesty, the King of the Blues, Mr. BB King.

He offered us 1 1/2 hours of Blues, new and old. It was some what sad to see the King of Blues slowing down and becoming the senior diplomat of Blues Music. Of course we were glad he decided to come by and treat us to his Blues, and his sweet Lucille one more time

imageI have seen BB perform many times through the years and can testify that he has always been and remains the ultimate showman. After his last visit which was billed as …..the last hurrah…… so to say, we thought we would never see The Great BB King again…….. But as it often happens with Blues singers…. “goodbye” does not always mean “Goodbye”. Some times its more like , as they say in the German language “Auf Wiedersehen” translated: “Here’s to when we meet again”. And so it was with BB King. The opening act, well, at best the band was tolerable.

They made such an impression on me that I can’t even remember their name. They appeared to have practiced and choreographed every hand move, facial mimic, and gesture. I don’t know how to categorize the act but i can say that passionate blues performers they were not. Very artificial. Some how the soul of the Music was left on the tour bus if you know what I mean. My frau and I listened to a song and a half, looked at each other with disbelief and headed for the exit to have a beer and a cigarette. How this group was selected to be the opening act for BB king I’ll never know. Singer must be the brother in law of the producer or something….. I just don’t get it. Bad call on the part of the organizers……….curtain closes on the opening act. In any case the evening was saved as soon as the BB king orchestra hit the first note. You new the weather was about to improve. And so it did. It was, as always when the king comes to town an entertaining night of Blues, Blues Stories and Blues history. Even at 83 years old, BB and his gang held the audience for the full hour and half. One thing I could not understand however was that the crowd did not bring him back for an an cour. I have never seen this before in all the concerts I’ve attended over the years…and I have seen my share. Here we have the senior diplomat of the blues, he is 83 years old, he dedicated his life to the Music we love and came to see him perform, we may not see him here again, he just got through giving us his best for 1 and 1/2 hours. …. the crowd was courteous on the last song and gave BB a nice round of applause …………. they then got up out of their seats and headed for the door………….the crowd could not bring them selves to honor him with a call to an cour………. shame on you. Shame on you.

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